Consumer research shows that Chevrolet vehicle owners fit into nearly all psychographic and demographic populations. Psychographics include factors like lifestyle, personality, political views, and ethical values. Demographics include aspects such as age, gender, education, religion, and income. A Chevrolet dealer in New Lenox can expect customers from many different backgrounds with a broad range of characteristics.

Reliability and Durability

Consumers shopping specifically for the Chevy brand are likely to be emphasizing reliability and durability. Automotive websites consistently give high scores to Chevrolet sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and cars on these qualities. The automobiles are recognized for long lifespans when cared for properly. Even those with high miles generally have excellent resale value.

Sedans and Coupes

Not all vehicle manufacturers continue to produce sedans, but Chevrolet hasn’t let car buyers down in this regard. The company also manufactures coupes. Consumers looking for a new car might be interested in the Malibu sedan or the Camaro coupe. A new Corvette Stingray might be ideal for a person looking for some fun and excitement behind the wheel.

Two Highly Popular Options

Looking around town, someone is very likely to see at least one Silverado while out and about. That’s a very popular pickup truck, with General Motors selling more than half a million in 2022 alone. Consumers bought more than 200,000 crossovers in the Equinox model that year. Customers of a Chevrolet dealer in New Lenox can buy a new or pre-owned vehicle that fits their budget.

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