A Car Accident Lawyer in Cleveland TN Could Help a Victim of a Negligent Driver

by | Nov 8, 2019 | law

Everyone who gets behind the wheel of an automobile has the responsibility to drive safely. They have a duty to pay attention to what is going on outside of their vehicle and not be distracted by anything inside the car or truck they are driving. Drivers also have the responsibility to not start their vehicle if they are under the influence of alcohol or other substances that could diminish their judgment and result in an accident. Unfortunately, some drivers do not take this responsibility seriously.

Distracted Driving

Many things could distract a driver. Some people get into accidents while they are changing the song playing in their car. They also could get into an accident because they are focused on the GPS giving them directions to their destination. Many people send and receive text messages while they are driving, which is very distracting because it requires drivers to take their eyes off the road for seconds while they read or type. Accidents due to distracted driving could be very serious and anyone who is involved in one, whether as a passenger of the distracted driver or an innocent driver on the road, should contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Cleveland TN immediately.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving while impaired by alcohol, prescription medication or street drugs is also quite dangerous. Although some people have been able to make it to their destination driving impaired, many don’t. Thousands of people die every year due to alcohol related traffic accidents. Many others are seriously injured due to no fault of their own. It’s not easy to keep control of an automobile while intoxicated and these types of accidents tend to be very serious. A injured driver or the loved ones of someone killed due to a drunk driver’s negligence should contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Cleveland TN as soon as possible. Because impaired driving is also a criminal offense, it’s important for anyone hurt in this type of accident to understand criminal and civil cases are separate.

There are time limits for filing a civil case. Visit the site right away to schedule a consultation and start the process to being compensated after an injury caused by a negligent driver.

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