If a homeowner is planning a DIY home remodel or a complete home cleanup, they are going to have plenty of trash. Putting the trash in garbage bags is an option, but it is not the best one. The better choice would be to rent a dumpster. A dumpster makes it possible for the homeowner to dispose of the garbage easily. When the project is complete, the dumpster would be hauled away. If the homeowner is planning to rent roll-off dumpsters in Ft Lauderdale FL, there are a few money-saving tips that they should follow.

Complete the Job On Time

The dumpster company will charge for the number of days the dumpster is on site. If your project takes longer than expected, the cost of the dumpster rental will increase. This is why it is essential that the homeowner tries their best to stick to the project deadline.

Choose the Right Size

Roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. The larger the dumpster, the higher the price. If the homeowner isn’t sure of the size that they need, the customer service rep at the company can help.

Have the Drop Site Prepared

On the day that the dumpster is to be delivered, the homeowner should make sure the path to the drop site and the site itself are clear. If the truck goes to drop off the dumpster and they cannot get to the drop site, the homeowner could be charged extra. They should take the same precautions on the day the truck comes to pick up the dumpster.

Split the Cost

An excellent way for the homeowner to save on the rental is to split the cost. If they have a neighbor who is also planning a project, the two can both use the dumpster and split the cost. This can be a huge money saver.

Rent Midweek

Some dumpster companies offer discounts to customers who rent the dumpster in the middle of the week. If the homeowner has the time during the week to tackle their project, they can save some money.

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