4 Unique Perks of the Lift Chairs You Can Benefit From in Saint Louis

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Medical Equipment

As your mobility declines, you want to hold onto as much of your independence as possible. A motorized lift chair can help you do that. Read more about the lift chairs in St Louis, MO.

Increased Range of Motion

The lift chairs in St Louis, MO, resemble recliners, but they can do much more. With the help of a motor and remote control, a lift chair gently raises and lowers you as needed. There is a range of lift chair positions available:

  • 2-position chairs can raise you to a fully upright stance from a seated position, lower you into a sitting position and recline to 45 degrees.
  • 3-position chairs do all of the above plus recline more fully.
  • Infinite position chairs allow separate control of the foot and back rests.
  • Sleeping position chairs add onto the above features by reclining 180 degrees.

Options for Prolonged Chair Use

In addition to the above options, some lift chairs go even further with positions especially for people who spend lots of time in their chair.

  • Zero gravity position lets you fully recline while relieving pressure points along your back.
  • Trendelenburg position elevates your feet above your head to improve circulation.

Variety of Fabrics and Colors

We carry a range of chair styles to match the interior of your home. Keep the ease of cleaning in mind when selecting a fabric. See what models of lift chairs we carry.

Repair Service at Home

Even high-quality chairs require maintenance due to normal wear and tear. We are happy to repair your lift chair in your home.

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