Vehicles run more efficiently for longer when they are maintained properly. Today’s vehicles come equipped with sensors and other smart technologies that make it easier for vehicle owners to know when it’s time to visit an auto repair shop in Gilbert, AZ. However, not all problems make themselves so easily known.

For this reason, vehicle owners must know how to spot potential signs of trouble.

Fluid Leaks

Any time fluid leaks from under the vehicle, this is something that needs attention right away. It might only be a small problem like a loose gasket or fitting, but it requires attention to prevent additional problems from forming. This could save you from larger, more costly repairs in the future.

Odd Sounds

Vehicles make many sounds during operation, but when weird sounds show up, these need to be checked out. Common sounds that necessitate a trip to the auto shop include squeaky brakes, high-pitched whining sounds from the transmission, or clunky wheel sounds indicating shock and strut problems.

Weird Smells

Lingering burning odors are the most common smells reported by vehicle owners and suggest an engine oil leak. Another common odor reported is one that smells like maple syrup. This smell points to a problem within the cooling system.


When wheels out of balance or alignment, it’s not unusual for the vehicle to vibrate while operating at high speeds. Worn brake rotors might also cause the car to shake when braking. Both of these problems should be checked out by an auto repair shop in Gilbert, AZ, for safety and a better driving experience.

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