Making the decision to meet with a financial planner or advisor is a smart decision. Working with a Registered Financial Consultant like Matthew Dixon provides people in Seneca, SC, with a clear picture of their retirement saving strategy.

The Meeting Questions

A bit of advanced thinking and discussion is helpful before meeting with Matthew Dixon. This is particularly true for couples who are planning their future together. In having advanced discussions on several aspects of their retirement goals, they are able to provide a clear picture of what they want in retirement that is mutually agreeable.

Before going to the office in Seneca, SC, to meet with Matthew Dixon, it is a good idea to discuss:

  • Your retirement age – it is helpful to have a clear retirement age in mind to allow for more accurate planning. This also helps the financial advisor to suggest the most appropriate types of investments to ensure you have the funds available to retire on time.
  • Your retirement goals – knowing if you want to travel, live abroad for a period of time, or if you want to enjoy spending time with family and friends in the area is all a factor of the retirement amount required.
  • Health issues – many people fail to plan for long-term care needs that become more of a possibility as people age. Knowing if there are any potential health issues to consider is essential in planning for both retirement amounts as well as potential additional insurance requirements.

The financial advisor will have many questions to ask during the meeting. Knowing answers to these three provides a clear picture of your goals.