3 Signs You Should Talk to an Elder Law Attorney in Libertyville

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Lawyer

There are several different kinds of abuse, including neglect, that seniors suffer in nursing homes. While most assisted living facilities offer safe and consistent care, you should still know how to tell if a senior loved one is suffering abuse. If you recognize any signs of abuse or neglect, a Libertyville elder law attorney can help you rectify the situation.

Changes in Physical Health

Depending on the type of abuse in question, you will see a few different types of health changes. For example, physical abuse committed against seniors often results in bruising around the neck, wrists, and ankles. Sexual abuse leaves bruises and other injuries around the breasts and genitalia. While emotional abuse doesn’t result in injuries, you will see changes in personal hygiene habits. If your senior loved one has stopped bathing, brushing their teeth, or changing their clothes, you should ask them why.

Behavioral Changes are Common

Seniors will interact differently with others when they are subjected to abuse. They might cower away from staff members who physically or sexually abuse them. When emotional or verbal abuse is common, seniors will stop socializing in the presence of the staff. They may also spend less time in common areas if they fear the staff.

Watch for Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is also common in nursing homes, and this is something that a Libertyville elder law attorney can find easier to prove. One way that financial abuse occurs is by the facility overcharging for services. Alternatively, they may be charging for services that haven’t been delivered. Individual staff members can commit financial abuse by convincing seniors to give them access to their checking accounts and debit cards.

When you need help for your senior loved one, schedule a consultation with Orlowsky & Wilson Ltd. for more information.

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