Working in an office typically means sitting down for eight or more hours each day. While this is comfortable, it’s not great for your long-term health. However, there are ways to avoid the damaging health effects of sitting in an office all day. To ensure you remain healthy, try these ways to stay in shape while working in an office job.

Try Taking the Stairs

An office temptation that many people indulge in is using elevators all day. There’s no doubting that elevators are convenient. For a healthier way to get around your office building, start taking the stairs. By doing this, you can sneak in a quick cardiovascular workout during a busy workday.

Bring Your Lunch to Work

One of the biggest temptations in an office employee’s life arrives at lunch. If you’re like most people, you drive to one of your favorite fast-food restaurants for a quick meal. While convenient, fast food is notorious for containing lots of calories and fats that cause weight gain. Avoid the temptation of going out for fast food by bringing a healthy lunch to work each day.

Buy a Standing Treadmill Workstation

During a busy workday, it can be hard to leave your cubicle. To avoid the negative health effects of sitting all day, consider learning more about best standing treadmill workstations. These items allow you to stand and exercise while you’re working. This can also help lower fatigue and potentially reduce neck and back pains from sitting for hours. Plus, standing treadmill workstations don’t take up a lot of space.