2 Trending Ideas To Do While In Naples With Your Family In 2020

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Business

You and your family are in town for your annual summer getaway in Naples, Florida. Each year, your family takes a trip to visit Mom and Dad and your kids just can’t wait to see them again. Living in New York, your children absolutely love all the fun activities they can do in Naples. This year, you are looking to do something a little special for the family outside the routine barbeque and pretend camping out in the backyard. Today, we will talk about 2 trending things to do in Naples with your family in 2020.


Your children are now old enough to appreciate the beautiful surroundings of picturesque Naples. They are now wanting to do more than just walking around eating ice cream. So, why not take a tour instead? Not just any boring walking tour, but a tour while driving a trike or Segway. This means adventure and fun while also distracting them away from their electronic gadgets.

On The Water

Speaking of adventure and fun, the next trending idea to do while in Naples are water sports. Rent a boat, a jet-ski, or take a ride on a jet-boat, water sports offer fun thrills and excitement for the whole family.

One-Stop Family Fun

So, perhaps you are looking for a place where you can take a tour, enjoy water sports, shop for souvenirs, and grab a bite or two to eat. Head over to Tin City Waterfront Shops. There is plenty of fun things to do there. They offer one of the best water adventure sports in Naples, FL, along with various options for food, shopping, and tours. So, when looking for a one-stop family fun place for the whole family to enjoy water adventure sports in Naple, FL, and then some, this is the place to visit. Call them so you can skip out on the routine and ordinary and experience Naples like you haven’t before.

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